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Traditions We’re Fed Up With but Are Too Stubborn to Get Rid Of

We’re supposed to change our last name after the wedding, visit our grouchy aunt on her birthday, and say “Bless you!” when someone sneezes. These things seem quite natural to us, but the thing is, some traditions get so outdated that we start to think of them as absurd and silly.

Bright Side read some comments made by Reddit users and found out what traditions and habits we may be better off giving up.

10. Wasting money on a wedding

Nowadays, couples usually don’t want to take out a loan for their wedding just to follow the tradition. More and more people prefer to celebrate this event with relatives and close friends and spend their saved money on a honeymoon vacation.

  • “I never understood why a wedding should be so big and expensive either. What’s wrong with just a simple wedding ceremony, and some food? I think the married couple would be much better off spending that money on things that’ll make their lives better every day, rather than splurging a ton of money for a few hours of fun.”

Quiet, creatively-themed, or “green” weddings (when organizers skip out on paper versions of save-the-dates, programs, and menus that litter our environment) have become more and more popular these days.

9. Arranging big birthday parties for small children

A child probably won’t remember a celebration that they had in the past.

  • It’s more for the parents to celebrate the fact they’ve made it one year as a parent.”

Colossal birthday parties for kids are going out of fashion. We recommend letting children play hide and seek or hopscotch outdoors.

The thing is, parents have finally realized that they waste lots of money on princess dresses, millions of balloons, and incredible cakes. Modern parents prefer to save this money for college or other more important things.

8. Respecting every single relative

Not everyone is ready to maintain a warm relationship with grouchy uncles and aunts.

  • I’m expected to respect my family members that tell me I do everything wrong. Heck no!”

This also refers to big obligatory family dinners. Many people prefer to spend time with close friends or relatives who they actually respect and love.

7. Changing your name after marriage

As a rule, women don’t want to change their surname after marriage because they have to change vital documents like their social security card, driver’s license, and so on. And they have to deal with some unpleasant challenges during their honeymoon!

  • “Why do either of you have to change your name? I’m married and we both kept our own names, it has nothing to do with our marriage or how we feel about each other.”

But nevertheless, many couples are changing their opinions after they decide to have a baby.

6. Making your bed in the morning

This tradition caused a stormy controversy. Many people claim that making your bed in the morning is completely senseless.

  • We make the bed, go to work, and our dog pulls the pillows down toward the middle of the bed, and then takes all of the covers, wads them into a ‘nest,’ and sleeps under them all day.Every day, when we come home from work, I ask my wife, ’What exactly was the point of that?’ ”

Scientists argue about this too. A group of specialists from Kingston University conducted researchand found that when we make our beds in the morning, we create the perfect environment for dust mites that like moisture.

Those who can’t leave their beds unmade should leave it alone for at least 5 minutes before fixing it.

5. Holding corporate events you feel ashamed about after

Nowadays, head managers and CEOs think that being drunk isn’t the experience that their employees need and try to reduce the amount of alcohol at corporate parties.

Nowadays, “smart” corporate events have become more and more popular. They unite colleagues through workshops, training meetings, and sports activities.

  • We just mounted bikes and rode… We went fishing, took up kitesurfing, got acquainted with medieval architecture. This year, our journey takes place at the same time as a blues festival. Guess where we’re going?”

4. Whining and complaining all the time

Some people can turn this habit into a tradition. Of course, we can share our problems with relatives and close friends but don’t go too far. Scientists have proven that anxiety destroys our bodies and minds.

  • A friend of mine is just like this. By the way, she doesn’t have any health problems. But I’m so tired of her! I always try to avoid seeing her. She makes me plunge into the world of negative emotions, and she feels just fine afterward. My advice is to ’get things under control and stop whining’ but it doesn’t work because no one can overcome her difficulties besides her.”

Being stressed causes a hormone cortisol increase. High cortisol levels affect our memories, the immune system, weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, and ups the risk of heart disease.

Don’t forget that whining people “charge” us with their negative energy. Surround yourself with positive, kind people and deal with your stress with the help of sports and other activities.

3. Collecting money at weddings

Guests want to feel happy for a groom and bride. But instead of having fun, they accuse themselves of not giving enough money or buying a “cheap” present.

  • The Dollar Dance is where people pay money to dance with the bride or groom. It’s meant to be a means to help the bride and groom out financially, but comes across as a money-grab.”

Nowadays, it’s better to give a bride a toy after dancing with her. After the wedding, a couple sends these toys to orphanages or charitable organizations.

2. Celebrating holidays the way “we have to”

Not all people have a desire to celebrate their birthdays with all their relatives and cook millions of dishes. Not everyone likes to spend hours searching for a Christmas tree and buying products in crowded malls on Christmas Eve.

  • Why bother spending all your money on stuff that no one wants. Make dinner at home, order Chinese, whatever. Love is love, I’m happy just to chill.”

Let’s admit that if you don’t invite lots of people to celebrate Christmas, it’s just fine. Stay in bed for a while or make snowballs with your family — do what you really want to do. Make your birthday party better too by going hiking or spending a couple of days seaside.

1. Saying, “Bless you!” when someone sneezes

Some people suppose that this custom dates back to medieval times.

  • This tradition comes from Europe. During the black plague people were dying, so if you sneezed, you were sick and if you were sick you would die. So people were blessing you.”

Saying, “bless you” is a common response in almost all countries except Korea and Japan: in these countries, the practice of responding to another person’s sneeze does not exist.

Do you agree that we don’t need these habits and traditions anymore? Do you have anything to add to this list?


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